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Mist Over Skyscrapers


Cosmic is an occasion to bring everything we have together and we may go to the edge of the Universe to land the right information to you. Our goal is to have people know that they are participants in this great unfolding cosmic story.

We are the representatives of Cosmic, where we help clients in their journey to become a global business people. CBIS provides professional services to all the clients and business people who are interested to obtain information on establishments and companies as well as the commercial opportunities and programs and make such information available to interested parties. CBIS has a team of highly experienced business associates, lawyers, consultants, corporations, firms and other entities, providing valuable expertise to clients willing to make investment in Govt. Bonds, Real Estate and Existing Businesses etc. with possibilities of obtaining Permanent Residency/ Citizenship/Green Card/2nd Passport.

The highly specialized services of CBIS empower its clients to transform their dreams into reality and become a global business person under the different mobility programs. In collaboration with our partners from extremely diversified professional backgrounds, we advise clients about business opportunities in various parts of the world.

CBIS is an eminent company that provides professional services in coordination with business associates, lawyers, consultants, corporations, firms and other entities, to the clients wanting to establish their businesses, enter joint ventures, or invest in highly secure projects in USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Caribbean Islands.

The business opportunities presented to clients include but are not limited to Real estate, Existing business, Govt Bonds, etc. After thorough analysis by the experts, CBIS advices its clients about various business opportunities across the globe, enabling them to achieve desired business goals.

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