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The United Kingdom has made significant contributions to the world economy, especially in the field of technology and industry. The UK is not only influential in politics and the economy; it also boasts a long and fascinating history, beautiful architecture and is famous across the world for its literature, music, films and of course football. With increase in globalization, one can now easily set up their business in any country.


  • The United Kingdom is the sixth-largest economy in the world with a high per capita.

  • In 2015, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was estimated at a total of $2.679 trillion, while the per capita was $42,000.

  • UK has emerged as a major trading power due to increased trade and economic activity in general.

  • It consists of competitive enterprises with high growth and export potential.

  • The country is open for business investments, attracting talented entrepreneurs worldwide who wish to start their business or invest in an existing company in the UK.

  • One just needs to fulfill the necessary requirements to qualify for an entrepreneur visa for UK by getting the green signal to establish their dream company within a matter of time and become a UK resident with family.

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